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AquaFarm integrates in situ and satellite data with forecast models, using AQUASAFE System. This service covers the entire national territory presenting daily results for about 4 million agricultural parcels.  

AquaFarm Operational Modules

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CropAquafarm offers crop monitoring and prediction solutions, allowing stakeholders to predict, react, and grow. With digital twins, operational results at the parcel scale can be used to make scenarios on what is happening and what will happen. .

HydroAquafarm offers water balance solutions for improved water management at the parcel level. With precise water management made easy by reliable and scalable modeling and remote sensing, HydroAquafarm offers a state-of-the-art solution for water waste reduction and minimizing environmental impact.

SoilAquaFarm is a specialized module within the AquaFarm framework that focuses on characterizing soil properties in agricultural areas. It plays a crucial role in understanding the water storage, filtration, and transport capacities of soils, which are essential for effective water resource management in agriculture.

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Real-time Crop Insights

Aquafarm's technology provides real-time insights into crop growth, water usage, and environmental conditions using digital twins and advanced data analytics. The platform provides results at the parcel scale, watershed scale, regional scale, and national scale.


Rua Rui Teles Palhinha, nº 8, 3 D.
2740-278, Porto Salvo


Pedro Chambel Leitao 
Phone: (+351) 218 486 013
Fax: (+351) 218 484 621