Change Water 

Aquafarm, a revolution in water and agricultural management, blends Hidromod's expertise with innovation. With a focus on tradition, technical excellence, and trusted partnerships, we promise to lead significant changes in the industry, where tradition meets innovation.

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Our Services

Explore diverse aquafarm solutions with HydroAquafarm, CropAquafarm, and SoilAquafarm, tailored to enhance water and agricultural management sustainably and innovatively.
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HydroAquaFarm, the hydrological powerhouse of Aquafarm! Explore how it optimizes water management, ensuring food security in the face of climate change and water scarcity. 🌍💦 Dive deep into water balance solutions with Aquafarm. 

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🌿 CropAquaFarm, the advanced crop analysis tool by Aquafarm! Using satellite-based monitoring, it predicts crop development and assesses crop health in real-time. Join the revolution in effective water resource management! 🌐🌾

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SoilAquaFarm, unlocking the secrets of soil in agriculture! Dive into the realm of soil characterization and evolution with Aquafarm. Understand water storage, filtration, and transport capacities. 🌱🌐

Make operational dashboards and reports

Aquafarm's technology provides real-time insights into crop growth, water usage, and environmental conditions using digital twins and advanced data analytics. The platform provides results at the parcel scale, watershed scale, regional scale, and national scale.

Aquafarm explained

Dive into the world of Aquafarm with our enlightening video series. Explore the intricacies of HydroAquafarm, CropAquafarm, and SoilAquafarm, unraveling sustainable solutions in vivid detail.

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About us

Innovative synergy of Hidromod's expertise and transformative vision. Aquafarm revolutionizes water and agriculture management, bridging tradition with cutting-edge solutions.

Why us?

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Robust scalability empowers growth, accommodating diverse scales of operations and expanding agricultural landscapes effortlessly.
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Streamlined interfaces and user-friendly tools make Aquafarm remarkably easy to implement, reducing complexity in daily operations.

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Data-driven insights illuminate patterns and trends, providing a profound understanding of water and agricultural dynamics.

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